Quick to deploy. Easy to use.

Mobile Solutions simplifies enterprise mobility management.  Our mobile solutions mean effective combinations of mobile services in a well-defined business process, combined with cutting-edge technology and human expertise which results in documented savings, increased efficiency and proven value for our clients.

At IMPERF we’ve mastered the art of making your job easier.  If you are in the IT world today you know the challenges facing your enterprise.  Mobility moves fast.  Keeping up with technology is one thing, managing all your inventory, cost codes and budgets is another.  Our solutions enables you to have a clear view of all your assets in once place.   We will make it simple to see  and manage multiple carriers, multiple lines and products in one location.  You are able to manage your cost codes, departments, shipping locations and create customized reports.

We can offer you a 30 day trial package to test how Windows Intune can help solve the infrastructural needs of your remote employees, and devices. Our mobile solutions also focusses on mobile application developed on the .net framework and our teams of dedicated developers understand almost every solution you may desire.

Our mobile solutions include:

Mobile Expense Management (MEM)

Mobile Life Cycle Management (MLCM)

Mobile Application Development (MAD)

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Office Collaboration (MOC)

Our Mobile solutions is focussed on mobile application development, and we can help you monetize your application in the mobile stores. We provide solutions on IOS, Android and Windows platform.

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