Internship & Placement
Student Course/ Program area: IT, Computer Science, Software, Telecoms & Technology
Information Technology is a booming industry in Uk with a staggering 30 million plus internet users. From software development to network support, cloud and web development, UK has it all (and it’s in high demand!). IT Internships are highly competitive and popular. Imperf Consulting has organized a number of IT and technology-related internships that can help the future generation with an excellent reputation, providing opportunities for interns to learn how IT and technology are developed in in Europe. If you are interested in these sectors, you could work as a data scientist/ analyst, IT technical support assistant, Cloud Engineer, IOT and Machine learning developer, software developer and more.

Benefits & Expectations
Develop your transferable skills, practical knowledge & a global mind-set that boost your long-term job prospects and make your job application stand out.
Gain your in-depth understanding and insights of a particular role within the digital transformation focused organization and industry to help you clarify your career goals
Get hands-on professional experience working in our chatham data centre as a team member and with our core technical specialists
Gain an valuable insight into the data analytics technologies and data visualization tools , lessons, business and Microsoft 365 tools and usage
Provide you with global networking opportunities through attendance in Microsoft365 and office 365 cloud technologies partner events
10+ past participants from 3 different countries with positive feedback (90% of our participants obtain the experience required for their graduate level job within 6 months of completing the internship.

Available Positions
⦁ Application Analysis & Development Internship
⦁ Business Analysis Internship
⦁ Cloud Administrator Internship
⦁ IOT / Machine Learning Project Engineer Internship
⦁ Cyber Security Analyst Internship
⦁ Data Analyst / Database Administrator Internship
⦁ Games Development Internship
⦁ Hardware Engineering Internship
⦁ Information Systems Management Internship
⦁ IT Consultancy & Sales Internship
⦁ It Technical Support Internship
⦁ Seo Specialist Internship
⦁ Software Engineering (Designing, Building, Developing And Testing) Internship
⦁ Systems /Network Analytic & Management Internship
⦁ Web Design/Development Internship
Note: Our internship program is only available in english as the basic working language. Contact us for more latest positions and special offers.

Program Highlights
Personalized internship & placement recommendations (4weeks ~ 10months+) based on your academic background, interests, career path, industry sector, destination, duration & budget.
Tailored career advice: one-to-one mentoring and coaching from industry professionals – CV, application, interview, workplace advice, On-The-Job training etc.
opportunity for an All-round practical experiences in a real career world (Public and private sector attachments, multinational corporations & Start-ups attachment, etc.)
All-inclusive service pack with affordable program fees based on your service components. Our package includes, but is not limited to:
Internship & placement opportunity
Co-Working Exposure
On-The-Job-Training Experience to practical application
Microsoft 365 and Office 365 Solutions and curriculum
On-site orientation
Free attendance to Networking and Webinar events
24/7 support from our full-time local team
Our intern programs offer many major sectors experience in the Information Technology. Our internship program will propel your career development forward, help you stand out in an increasingly competitive job market and enhance your future employability. Over 10 talented undergraduates, graduates and young professionals from from over 3 countries have joined the program during the past years.

Are you ready to kick-start your career and change your life? Get global experience and immerse yourself in the vibrant insights into the future generation technology.

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How to apply
To apply for this opportunity,  send your written application letter indicating your career progression track, school or course affiliation details, your program of interested and expected start frame. If your chosen career track is not in the above list, contact us with your additional information and we will be able to advise.

Send your letter of interest to and our programme team will contact you.

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