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5. Next bet will be 3+10. A player could use the Fibonacci Sequence to structure a series of bets in a kind of cancellation system. The Fibonacci Sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ... At each loss, the sum of the previous two bets – the next numbers in the sequence – becomes the new bet amount. In the event of a win, we simply revert to the base betting amount. This allows the player to easily track our accumulated losses, with bets that could recoup those losses through a series of wins. 3. 1-Java 34 Chapter 3.

The order, however, isn’t significant, so this feature is of relatively little value. Map. A map is used to associate a key with a value. This key-value pair is called an entry in the map. We don’t need this feature at all. A map does more than we need for representing the bins on a wheel. Having looked at the fundamental collection varieties, we will elect to use a Set. Our next step is to choose a concrete implementation. There are three alternatives. HashSet. This uses a hash code to manage the elements in the set.

We can create a class which is a Factory for individual Outcome objects. 2. 1-Java create it, save it, and return a reference to it. When some part of the application asked for an Outcome which already exists, the Factory would return a reference to the existing object. This centralizes the pool of global objects into a single object, the Factory. • Singleton Outcome Class. A Singleton class creates and maintains a single instance of itself. This requires that the class have a static getInstance() method that is a reference to the one-and-only instance of the class.

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