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Published by way of the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic learn Series.


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Only six primary pairs of 48 total pairs mesen­ teries complete; mesenteries widest proximally; those of highest order may extend only to distal end of scapus; regularly arrayed; thin but tough, all with filaments (which may be reddish brown). All except primary mes­ enteries fertile; dioecious; ova may exceed 1 mm diameter in preserved specimens. Two sym­ metrical directive pairs attached to siphonoglyphs; actinopharynx as much as two-thirds total column length but in some only siphonoglyphs extend so low, deeply to hardly sulcate (perhaps dependent on state of expansion of entire animal).

Wall of well-preserved specimens raw umber to rust brown color, rugose, leathery, commonly with circumferen­ tial folds; ectoderm of poorly preserved specimens friable, eroded in places, dark brown to black. Uppermost column smooth, collar-like; fosse deep. Base. Flat; edge of most specimens con­ tracted so diameter considerably less than that of column (Figure 29b) although in some it is slightly flared; same color as column. Tentacles and oral disc. Oral disc equal to or wider than column, edge wavy in large specimens; cannot be retracted much.

10. Leiotealia nymphaea: Hertwig, 1882a, p. 33; 1882b, p. 38—Pax, 1926, p. 52. Aureliania nymphaea: Stephenson, 1922, p. 293. Aureliana[sic] nymphaea: Carlgren, 1928a, p. 263. Aureliana[sic] georgiana: Carlgren, 1927, pp. 91, 96, 99; 1949, p. 71. Aureliana[sic] tricirrata: Carlgren, 1928a, p. 261 [nomen nudum]. Aureliania tricirrata: Carlgren and Stephenson, 1929, p. 28. Description Body form and size. Expanded specimens hour-glass-shaped to cylindrical, contracted ones pyramidal (Figure 4 7 ) .

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