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By Ramón Carmona, Alberto Domezain, Manuel García Gallego, José Antonio Hernando, Fernando Rodríguez, Manuel Ruiz-Rejón

ISBN-10: 1402084366

ISBN-13: 9781402084362

Sturgeons are thought of “living fossils”, sharing many morphological and organic good points with ancestral fish. in addition, sturgeons are of the maximum curiosity from an monetary standpoint, not just for the caviar yet for the flesh. notwithstanding, the wild populations of the vast majority of the species are at severe threat of extinction around the world. So, it's pressing to advance ideas for either farming tradition and conservation and restoration in typical habitats.

This ebook presents a entire view of the biology and sustainable improvement of sturgeons placing emphasis at the Southern Europe autochthonous species similar to Acipenser nacarii and Acipenser sturio that proportion geographical distribution. different appropriate species (such as Huso huso, A. oxyrhinchus, A. ruthenus, A. stellatus) and components (Germany, Russia, North the US) also are thought of. The contents are organised in 3 sections: Taxonomy and Biogeography (including the morphological and genetic analyses that make clear the taxonomy and phylogeny of sturgeons, concerned with these from Southern Europe), Biology and Aquaculture (where a number of points of the developmental biology, feeding, and replica are thought of on the subject of the advance of sturgeon farming), and restoration and Conservation (that collates and analyses diverse restoration study activities, the ecology of the rivers for recovery in addition to the issues regarding the exchange of caviar).

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This specimen was caught during the eighteenth century in Catalonian rivers, possibly in the Ebro, and it too lacks the HindIII sequences. Using PCR amplification, we found one HindIII monomeric unit from the specimen EBD-8173, one from the EBD-8174 and two from the EBD-8401. Comparing these with the HindIII sequences obtained previously from A. , 2001a; EMBL accession numbers: Z499441 and AJ286564 to AJ286573), we found them to be closely similar to the sequences of this latter species. 052 between the A.

Mikadoi, A. dabrianus and A. sinensis are distributed along the Pacific coast of Asia. Among the sturgeon species, the Atlantic sturgeon, A. sturio was the species with the broadest distribution, inhabiting Western Europe from the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea. The distribution of sturgeon species in Western Europe might be considered, however, somewhat A. oxyrinchus A. sturio A. naccarii Fig. 2 Distribution of A. sturio, A. naccarii and A. oxyrinchus according to Capello (1869); Gonçalves (1942); Garrido-Ramos et al.

Caractei morfomrtrici e meristici del genere Acipenser L. (Osteichthyes, Acipenseridae) nel tratto pavese dei Fiumi Po e Ticino. Boll. Mus. Reg. Scien. Nat. Torino 7, 321–340. , Vanni, S. 1995. Cataloghi del Museo di Storia Naturale dell’Universitá di Firenze Sesione di Zoologia “La Specola” XIV: Ochtheichtyes Acipenseriformes. Atti. Soc. Tosc. Sci. Nat. Mem. Serie B. 102, 1–2. Billard, R. 2002. Esturgeons et caviar. Lavoisier, Paris, 298 pp. , Lepage, M. (2008). Sturgeon recovery plan in the Rhône River (France).

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