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By L. Dambriunas, et al.,

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Active research programs need to accompany the mission to improve algorithms and products. 10. Documentation of all mission-related aspects needs to be accessible to the user community. Meeting these requirements would contribute to sustaining the climate-quality global ocean color record for the open ocean. However, further enhancements to sensors and missions, such as higher spectral and spatial resolution, will be required to meet the research and operational needs for imaging coastal waters and for obtaining information about the vertical distribution of biomass or particle load.

1-7. 1 Climate-quality observations are a time-series of measurements of sufficient length, consistency, and continuity to assess climate variability and change (following NRC, 2004b). Copyright © National Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved. Space Studies Board Annual Report 2011 39 Summaries of Major Reports be possible from VIIRS. However, the Pre-Aerosol-Clouds-Ecosystem (PACE)—the first of NASA’s planned three missions that would advance the capabilities for basic ocean color research—is not scheduled to launch before 2019.

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