Automatic Diatom Identification (Series in Machine by Hans Du Buf, Micha M Bayer PDF

By Hans Du Buf, Micha M Bayer

ISBN-10: 9810248865

ISBN-13: 9789810248864

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ISBN-13: 9789812777867

First booklet to accommodate computerized diatom identity. offers the required history info referring to diatom examine, precious for either diatomists and non-diatomists.

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They describe and name the new species (the Code specifies how this is to be done: among other things, it requires a description in Latin), one calling his species Cognita prima, the other calling his Cognita secunda. Each taxonomist specifies a type specimen to demonstrate the proper use of the name. The specimen does not have to be close to the population mean in its characteristics; it is simply a reference point to determine how names are used. Imagine now that a third taxonomist studies Chapter 2: Organism and image 25 Figure 7.

Raphid pennate diatoms, a: Parlibellus, with simple central raphe endings and a simple rib-stria system with round pores, b: Aneumastus, the central raphe endings are deflected and expanded, and the rib-stria system changes in linear density near the margin, c: Diploneis crabro, a highly complex valve structure, with different types of pore (overlying a chambered wall structure that is not shown) and twisted raphe endings, d: Gomphonema, with special areas of pores at the base of the valve, through which polysaccharide stalks are secreted.

Chapter 2: Organism and image 33 Figure 12. Fragilaria. e. valves formed back to back at a single cell division, are linked together by interdigitating spines. The chain-like colonies can only come apart through breakage of the spines or through death of a cell and disruption of its girdle, as has happened at the right. SEM. Scale bar 10 fim. 4 Complications Section 3 mentions the main categories of morphological character that can be used for visual identification of valves: their size, the shape of the valve outline, the organization and density of the rib-stria system, areola spacing and structure, and the presence of special ribs, pores and spines.

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