New PDF release: Arguments and Case: Explaining Burzio’s Generalization

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The information awarded by means of the contributions during this quantity originated in a workshop on Burzio’s generalization. Burzio’s Generalization (BG) states verb which doesn't assign an exterior theta-role to its topic doesn't assign structural accusative Case to an item and conversely. It connects cross-linguistic similarities among e.g. passives, elevating verbs, and unaccusatives. although, it does so via linking very diversified houses of a predicate. This increases primary questions about its theoretical prestige. The contributions during this quantity discover BG’s theoretical foundation. A consensus emerges that BG is, actually, an epiphenomenon, as a result of interplay of other rules of grammar. in addition, the contributions express a remarkable convergence as to how BG is finally derived. the implications received make an important contribution to the extra improvement of theories of Case and thematic kinfolk.

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And its counterparts in other languages, are special in the following sense: One argument position in the A-structure is associated with two variables in the lexical-conceptual structure (viz. cause of emotion and target of emotion): The highest occurrence determines the subject selection. But there is a lower occurrence too. Since ranking follows the compositional structure, the designated argument (by subject selection) ends up as the lower ranked argument. Immediate supportive evidence comes from German.

Morphological case and agreement appear at MS, as part of the phonological component. The morpho-phonology of case and agreement interprets S-structure relations between constituents but does not determine the distribution of NPs in argument positions. 5. case realization at Morphological Structure Recall that in the theory diagrammed in (17), case morphemes are added to stems at MS according to the morphological requirements of particular languages. When a word contains a  affix, this affix will acquire its particular  features according to the syntactic relations of its host stem at SS (assume that MS preserves all the syntactic relations of SS).

Daö (*es) auf mich- nicht gewartet wurde that (*it/there for me not waited was ‘that for me not waited was’ daö (*es) mir-/*ich- nicht geholfen wurde that (*it/there me/*I not helped was ‘that I was not helped’ daö (*es) nicht geschossen wurde that (*it/there not shot was daö ich-/*mich- nicht gesehen wurde that I/*me not seen was ‘that I was not seen’ In (12a),  is licensed by a preposition. (12b) illustrates a passive clause with an inherently case-linked argument, namely dative, licensed by the verb.

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