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What it means is that, addition (or removal) of any source or signal to the circuit may change signal conditions within the circuit but no change in inflicted on the modeled transistors. Hence, circuits with fixator-modeled components are not prepared for AC analysis. 2 Partial modeling of devices In partial modeling the device remains biased in the circuit. In addition one or more fixators are used to freeze one or more device (port) variables at given Q-points. We have already used partial modeling in previous examples; for instance, in Example 4 we have freezed the base current IB1 of Q1 during the entire biasing process.

On the other hand, if in the previous case the supply voltage VCC is already specified but we need to know how much current, IC, is conducted from VCC, then we can use a voltage controlled current source (VCCS) to manage to find IC, instead. 3 Paring fixators and norators in a circuit As mentioned earlier, one of the conditions to pair a fixator with a norator is to have feedback from the norator to the fixator. The purpose of this feedback is to harness the 26 Advances in Analog Circuits growth of the voltage or current in the pairing norator.

E. overall, the two carry two specified variables and two are left for the circuit to find. This description of fixator-norator pairs suggests that the pair are no longer limited to DC operations and they can be used in any circuit operation including linear and AC circuits. What it means is 21 A New Approach to Biasing Design of Analog Circuits that, in any type of circuit (linear or nonlinear) with any operation (DC or AC) one can set (fix) some circuit variables in exchange for some component values.

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