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The following overview of six country-level studies represents an attempt to draw together the results of ver y different methodological approaches and to take advantage of the synergies that emerge from the complementarity of their respective strengths. The presentation is structured around a number of themes that have been identified as salient features of the employment impact of trade in specific countries during the recent crisis episode. 2 Ukraine: The role of export concentration This section takes a closer look at the link between export concentration and the impact of the global economic crisis on employment.

Al & fo es c r. ta & om te . fi & b u sh i ng s. 0 Source: ILO (2010a). Sectoral Activities Department, based on national Labour Force Sur veys and official estimates of 9 countries. 7). The reduction is strongest in manufacturing and construction, the two sectors that are also characterized by the largest employment reductions. The real estate and business services sector has also experienced a reduction in average weekly hours of work, while employment levels and wages on average showed a slight increase.

However, if the Herfindahl index is defined at the sectoral level, Ukraine's degree of export concentration increases significantly, both in absolute ter ms and in comparison with other countries. 3). In all the other comparator groups, only Hungary has a higher level for the sectoral Herfindahl index. This indicates that while Ukraine's exports are relatively well diversified in terms of products, the degree to which most of them fall into just a few sectors (mainly base metals and preparations thereof, mineral products, machines and chemical products) is high in international comparison.

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