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This is often the 1st booklet in chinese language linguistics which discusses the grammar of a dialect workforce from either synchronic and diachronic views. the writer makes use of new info and new frameworks to provide an research of the grammar of the Xiang dialect spoken in Hunan, China. The discussions during this ebook additionally elevate new matters on dialect examine that have now not but been totally stated through chinese language dialectologists. moreover, the ebook exhibits that the Xiang dialect team has a huge strategic price because it varieties a transitional area among northern and southern chinese language dialects. Key contains a enormous paintings at the hugely missed Xiang dialects in China the 1st distinctive paintings at the Xiang dialects to seem in English and at the foreign industry a major reference paintings for typological reviews

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Pronouns (Pron) The pronouns in the Xiang dialects have a number of distinctive features which will be discussed in Chapter 4: - Most pronouns derived from different lexical sources from their Mandarin counterparts, especially the interrogative pronouns. - The word formation of the plural forms of personal pronouns may have been due to tonal variation at an earlier stage. Presently, plural forms in most localities are formed by adding suffixes. 16 Introduction - - In Mandarin, demonstrative pronouns have a two-way system of indicating 'here' and 'there'.

The correspondence between tones in SC/PTH and SC/PP SC 33,24 13,24 41,24 21,45,24 <=> <=> < - > PTH 55 35 214 51 PP 55 35 214 51 <=> SC 33 13,24 41 21,45 Table 7 shows that, when Changsha speakers speak PTH, they convert the 21 tone and the 45 tone into the 51 tone, which happens to be the same conversion as in the historical relationship. Table 7 also shows that all forms with the 24 tone in the Changsha dialect are converted to the 35 tone in PP because their similarity to the 35 tone. However, the 24 tone in the Changsha dialect can correspond to four different tones in PTH.

Ifi& 'through' RC [thun33ko45] SC [than33ko45] PTH [thirjffkuo 51 ] 'to synthesise' [tsuq33xo24l [tsan^xo 24 ] [tsuq5SXY35l Sir friX 'anew' 13 33 RC [ts^ cin l SC [tS9n13cin33l PTH ft^q'W5! urjü] 'public opinion' [tSUQÜi45] rts9n45ni4Sl [tgurjüi51] SC 21 tone corresponds to RC 45 tone. Forty-three characters read from this article have the 21 tone in SC. Of these, seven are read with the 45 tone in RC. The same character may be pronounced differently in different contexts. in33] [pai214 gaijü tpia55 tgin55] 'in the RC SC PTH world' [si45tcie45 san21] [si45kai45 san21l [gfr51tcie51 gar)51] In RC, the circumstances determining when speakers can choose the 21 tone rather than the 45 tone are quite complex.

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