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By Yu-lan Fung, Derk Bodde

The vintage chronicle of chinese language philosophical notion from the 3rd millennium to the 20 th century.

From the sage-kings of historic China to the 1911 overthrow of the oldest monarchical procedure on the earth, chinese language philosophy has advanced and stimulated colleges of notion all over the world. In an available voice, A brief heritage of chinese language Philosophy truly illuminates Confucianism, Taoism, Mohism, Yin-Yang, and extra. For these attracted to philosophy or Asian reviews, this is often the right window into historical and sleek chinese language ideology.

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In reading this saying, I feel there is in it something which suggests a difference between the people of ancient China and those of ancient Greece. China is a continental conntry. To the ancient Chinese thcir land was the world. There are two expressions in the Chinese language which can both be translated as the world. " To the people of a maritime country such as the Greeks, it would be inconceivable that expressions such as these could be synonymous. But that is what happens in the Chinese language, and it is not withollt reason.

This theory has had a great effect upon the Chinese people and has contributed much to their success in overcoming the many difficulties which they have encountered in their long history. Convinced of this theory, they remain cautious even in time of prosperity, and hopeful even in time of extreme danger. " ft W:lS this "will to believe" that helped Ihe Chinese pL'ople to gil Lhrough OlC war. 'Illis theory has also provided the principal argument for Ihe cloctrine of thc goldcn mean, f

Its followers actually called themselves the Mohists. Thus the title of this school is not an invention of Ssu-ma Tan, as were some of the other schools. The fourth school is the Ming chia or SellOol of Names. " The fifth school is the Fa chia or Legalist school. The Chinese word fa means pattern or law. The school derived from a group of statesmen who maintained that good government must be One based on a fixed code of law instead of on the moral institutions which the literati stressed for government.

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