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with verbs of past time.

177. The following adverbs are intensive; r;< uX< e; (used with adjectives denoting disagreeable sensations), and udm (used with adjectives denoting smallness or fewness). 178. , moderately. 179. C. qd;, too. ADVERBS OF COMPARISON. 180. uwdRyHR,DR'fod;od;'D;ySRunDvDR, He speaks Burmese equally with Karen. 181. , A teacher should not judge his pupils unequally. INTERROGATIVE ADVERBS. 182. , whither. 183. , I cannot tell whence he comes. 184. , how much. qH; 185. , I cannot tell how much I like it.

W>, He will go of his own accord. vDR, It will be sure to happen so. , vJRxD, to go up. xD. , to increase. , to come into being. '. , myself. u,XmrhR, I will eat rice first. , find. M>, to eD. , to remember. , pH;ym, to go unto. zk; denotes that the act was done unintentionally, ud;zk;, to utter an involuntary cry. , vJRzsd, to go through. b;, to ascend. b. tDR, I will tell him. ,kR, to sing together with one. vd, to teach, rRvd, to learn. , Brothers should love one another.

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