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By by Sir William Jones.

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Then, stories may or may not have a result: in nursery rhyme Jack’s case, having gone up the hill and tumbled down it, he ended up in bed, his head wrapped in vinegar and brown paper. Finally, and crucially, there may or may not be an evaluation of the story. ‘Jack and Jill went up the hill – they fetched some water – Jack fell down’ is, given its chronologically related clauses, a story in the simplest sense but, lacking some assessment of these events, hearers are likely to wonder ‘So what? Why was the story told?

He makes the men take a tree that has fallen and–’. (15) His memory is so clear that, like Lok narrating the Oa happening, Mal is telling the story in the present tense. But he does not complete it. He breaks off without giving either its result or any evaluation of the tale’s significance. Instead he turns to the people, ‘imploring them to share’ (16) the picture and, most importantly, to grasp its point. But they are unable to make a deduction from the events he has described. Ha says, ‘I do not see this picture’ and Mal has to help him, extracting from his picture the essential point of his remembering, evaluating it to discover the strategy that can guide the people over the water.

But then, since Pasteur, it has become clear to us that putrifaction and corruption are caused by something, by bacteria. No doubt, if we are to continue to survive, our language will continue to change. It will alter as we think it – and our inheritance – through. SUGGESTIONS FOR FURTHER WORK 1 Take an incident from The Inheritors, involving the people, and reword it as if it were being experienced today, by ourselves. That is, where appropriate, change vocabulary and syntax (particularly with regard to agency and transitivity), introducing metaphor and narrative structuring if necessary.

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A grammar of the Persian language by by Sir William Jones.

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