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By Dimock, Laura Gail

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G. 1. 4. 1. 052]. 471]. 34 This may be a process of resyllabification where the final consonant becomes the onset for the next word. 1). 976]. 282]. 1 on these underspecified segments) as voiceless stops (/pj/ and /pw/) in coda position, the same segment may be produced as a voiced fricative when a following morpheme begins with a vowel. 610]. 3), the final consonant of the root appears as a fricative: [toβwis] and [raβwus]. speaker produced the P-language form of /tajm/ ‘when’ as /tapajm/ rather than */tajpajm/, which may suggest that the /j/ element is part of the coda rather than the nucleus.

Nahavaq speakers are not in regular contact with speakers of these languages, so it is surprising that, isolated from each other, they are undergoing the same change within approximately the same generation after retaining a labial distinction for thousands of years. I can only speculate that the change is influenced by Bislama, which does not have such a distinction and which is playing a larger role in young people’s lives. 2. Vowels This section describes vowel phonemes and allophones. 2. 2.

As mentioned above, many articulatory features of Nahavaq labiovelar consonants are similar to those of Ikwere nonexplosives. So it is not surprising that these can result in nonexplosive allophones in Nahavaq. While I did not make measurements of oral pressure or airflow, the waveform and intensity graph in Figure 8 show a very low amplitude release for the /pw/ segments in an example of /pwalapwal/ ‘clean’. Figure 8: Low-pressure /pw/ Image created with Praat. 379]. The line superimposed over the spectrogram is intensity (40-80dB).

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