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The two demonstrative pronouns differ solely in terms of their discourse pragmatics. One is used for a referent which is uppermost in the minds of speaker and addressee. The other is used for a referent who was referred to previously but who is not the last referent to have been mentioned. This demonstrative is used to switch attention between more than one referent in a discourse. The demonstrative modifier and this demonstrative pronoun, along with various other spatial deictics, have derived presentative forms, and also derived predicative forms.

Stress patterns in morphologically complex words will be described after this. 1 S TRESS IN MONO-MORPHEMIC WORDS · Most words have stress on the initial syllable. In particular almost all CVCV words (including all CVCV nouns) are stressed on the initial syllable. ), in which the first CV is identical to the second CV, invariably receive stress on the second syllable: tu'tuk va'var le'lenga ÔtorsoÕ ÔtalkÕ ÔpuddingÕ These words are considered old reduplications because of their initial syllable; the unreduplicated part is not synchronically analysable.

Some examples: VCVV e'rau 'urio ÔfallÕ ÔcrabÕ CVCVVV bu'taeo 'siriae ÔeagleÕ ÔfishingÕ CVVCV le'usa 'beata Ôbetel nut slatsÕ Ôleatherback turtleÕ Most of the words with stress on the second syllable are nouns. There are also a couple of particles and adjectives, and a handful of verbs. 2 S TRESS IN MORPHOLOGICALLY COMPLEX WORDS All lexical roots have stress. Generally, affixes do not have their own stress. In certain circumstances, however, the Possessive prefixes cause stress shifts on the words in which they occur.

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