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By Mark Hanna Watkins

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If D-structure and S-structure are independent levels of representation, it is redundant for X'principles to independently characterize both. So, assuming that these principles apply at D-structure, Chomsky pursues the possibility that they apply only there. S-structure, under this conception, only obeys X'-principles derivatively, that is to the extent in which they happen to be preserved under movement. The results of the present article point in the other direction. (2) and (3) will be established on the basis of a number of typological facts which can only be explained under the assumption that inflected verb forms as a whole are input to the module determining the nature of projections, viz.

No domain can be deduced and the principles of the Binding Theory could not apply. Furthermore, the values of a single lexical parameter should refer to corresponding elements across languages; however, the Icelandic reflexive sig and English anaphors are not mere lexical variants of each other. Next, the Subset Principle attempts to avoid overgeneralization. 22 Finally, it is unclear how the interaction between the autonomous learning module and the syntactic component of UG is achieved. The learning module must, if the Subset Principle is to be maintained, have access to syntactic concepts and principles - which would be unidirectional since in syntax, the Subset Principle has no theoretical or empirical relevance.

Introduction Much recent work in linguistic theory has focused on a major shift in the theory itself: the move away from specific rule systems to a highly abstract modular system of principles and parameters (Chomsky 1981, 1986). In this model, often called the "Principles and Parameters Approach", Universal Grammar (UG) is a system of principles which are involved in subtheories like Case Theory, Theta Theory or Government Theory. g. the Projection Principle or the ECP (Empty Category Principle), others display cross-linguistic variation.

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