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By John H. Sailhamer

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1l~ll 5 11~3? 7. ~w~~ 9. 1~rJ:;> 4. c,~l' ·'· "'-" 6. ,~3? ~,\) 8. r'' ec: 10. 'l 0•. 12. ~-~ 11. ~7ip' 13. CiJ~5i~ 15. i~i~ 17. ,;p 19. ~J7ip 21. ~w~·, ,·! {I . 0 . f) ~(1 f'""'1 I ' "--. 'y ·~c':>y I '\( , ,,;, ~) "' f,' ~ --I '). '- ~ r··· ·--... - ' 14. ,ip) 17ip •j'', "·-----~ It\',') "\61( ~)\) ( ~"'-'-" ! i:J· ~0 ~ 16. 18. ip 20. JC)\vZ. ,"):~s 22. 3. Chart: Suffix Pronouns with Object Marker n~ When the pronouns occur as the direct object of a verb, they are attach to the particle n~, vocalized as n~ (see the forms below).

The nouns and verbs are built by attaching patterns of vowels and consonants to a Hebrew root. A Hebrew root usually consist of only two or three consonants. " The relationship of the meaning of the noun "king" to the root ''to rule" is transparent. ~~. " At this point, the beginning student should memorize the words on the first two pages of the Hebrew Vocabulary List and review them often. We will discuss many of these words in the following pages. ~ i11i1'1 i1WJJ b) i1lZiTJ? N 1~1 God spoke to Moses.

Exercises on Pronouns Translate the following phrases and sentences: 3. ,. l"'ln 0 I I'· ~~\i ( 7 • ' ~~ l l '; ', -~ ('I('--' -~'1 7. ,. 2. " The word lV"'~ (man) is a noun. ). There are three levels from which the noun can be approached. It can be viewed as a single word, as a part of a phrase, or as a part of a clause. " There are four kinds of noun phrases: ' 1: a. A Prtmositional Phrase: * lV"'~? ,'? ~~ . ~ lV"'~O i ~~J . I. " I >' yrtjl 1'6oil\ \J"~\t 4k ~ ,,;thlf· An Attributive Phrase: -.

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