New PDF release: 501 Grammar and Writing Questions, 1st Edition

By Learning Express

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501 Grammar & Writing Questions: a number of selection and essay layout. Teaches grammar, paragraph improvement, sentence constitution, verb tenses, and extra.

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D. one should have used only the best ingredients. e. using only the best ingredients is essential. 189. If someone is looking for the best car loan, you should compare interest rates at several banks. a. If someone is looking b. When one is looking c. If you are looking d. To have a person look e. When someone is about to look 190. A corporation created by the federal government during the Great Depression, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is responsible for flood control, must generate electric power, and soil conservation.

Breaks out b. will break out c. had broken out d. is breaking out 63. On November 4, suspects Gary Talerino and Jennifer O'Brien were arrested on a charge of vandalism that ______________ at the local high school. a. occurs b. will occur c. is occurring d. occurred 64. I am trying to become more skilled at weaving before winter _________. a. arrived b. will have arrived c. will arrive d. arrives 65. We have ______________ more of these strange pods since those people moved in next door. a. saw b.

More tall d. most tallest 85. ______________ met more than ten years ago at a mutual friend's birthday party. a. Her and I b. Her and me c. She and me d. She and I 86. Riding the Tornado at the amusement park was ______________ than I thought it would be. a. more terrifying b. more terrifyingly c. terrifying d. most terrifying 87. My parents approved of ______________ taking guitar lessons. a. my b. me c. I d. mine 88. This year our company sold ______________ magazine subscriptions than ever before.

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