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Unlimited by continents or nations, a satanic rebellion will arise among the people. Wives will rebel against husbands; children will stand against their parents; students will confront teachers; and workers will revolt in defiance of foremen. Causing disruption after disruption, this spirit of rebellion will rise higher and higher until the land shall tremble under its torment. Only God's people will realize where this spirit started and what it means. Again, Christians must not be a part of this global rebellion which will smolder in the hearts of masses of people.

We shall see the continuing growth of the World Church which constitutes vast numbers of people who are seeking political power and riches. I Predict: Third World Leaders Will Bless Others I predict that young ministers from the Third World will become stronger and raise up great revival movements without assistance from the affluent nations. God will supernaturally supply their needs, and they shall be world leaders in spiritual blessing and power. I Predict: The Rebirth of Joyful Religion Possibly the most influential movement in the history of the Church is occurring today.

1. The United Nations' armies of the West will become the Antichrist's militia. 2. From the new African nations, black armies will race across the burning sands with such anger as human history has seldom known. 3. Like an evil cloud in the North, the atheistic armies of Russia and her satellites will race to Israel to fight. 4. The Bible predicts there will appear legions of fighting men from the Orient. God will dry up the mighty Euphrates River to permit them to march on dry ground! I Predict: Time Is to Be Fulfilled When will this happen?

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